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Algiers Point

Mural Joint in Algiers Point
I was inspired by a few things to create this mural. I have a more extensive explanation in an upcoming vid, but for now I’ll share this. I’ve had the opportunity to spent a bit of time in “Dah Pernt” and it’s super special!
I was inspired by the history, the vibe and the people. They are sooo freakin nice! That helped to create my color palette. From the food to the levee it feels like Mayberry!
It’s kinda funny. Imma old soul Lower 9th Ward native. CTC to the gristle! And in the back of my mind I’m like, “Ha, I did a mural way ‘cross the river in dah Pernt!”
Beyond blessed to have so much support for the uptown NOLA mural I created. This is a continuation of that series. I had a total blast creating something colorful to such a magical neighborhood.
Thank you New Orleans!
In the mural I have the name Bulbancha at the bottom. I’ve been asked about the meaning several times ... Here ya go! Merci


The original name of the place we call New Orleans. “Welcome to what is called New Orleans and is Bulbancha, which means place of many tongues, unceded land of the Chitimacha, the Houma, the Chahta Yakni (Choctaw), the Atakapa Ishak Chawasha, and all Indigenous peoples of this region.”